My name is Keith Carter of Carters BBQ and I have owned a Spice Wine medium cooker for almost 4 years.  I added two extra shelves and Jay mounted mine on a trailer.  I can honestly put 2 charcoal chimneys in it, add water, some wood for smoke, fill it full of meat and go to bed for 6 hours.  It makes smoking meat so easy.  The first thing I cooked was two turkeys for Easter dinner but have cooked everything from 30 whole pork butts to 30 slabs of ribs, and just think how many brats or sausages I could put in it.  The smoking opportunities are endless.

Keith from Carters BBQ.

By far the finest smoker I have ever owned. Consistant internal temperature. Extremely well insulated, no need to worry about the kids burning their hands if they touch it. Very efficient use of charcoal and smoking wood. Easy to use, clean, and maintain. Also, customer service is outstanding. No phone trees, no unintelligible accents.

– JT Griffin

Big Creek BBQ has been cooking on a Spicewine (large single axle) since April, 2006 and wouldn’t compete with anything else!  In those years, the Spicewine has produced eight Grand Championships, six Reserve Grand Championships, multiple wins in all four main KCBS categories and two perfect score pins.  Additionally, our Spicewine has helped us attain a 5th place overall in the 2010 KCBS Team of the Year Points chase and an 11th Place finish out of 90 teams at the 2011 Jack Daniel’s World Championship.  We love this cooker for it’s quality workmanship, consistent temperatures, its ease of use and cleaning.  Add to that fantastic customer service from a bunch of folks who know competition barbecue and you cannot go wrong with this smoker!  Look us up at a competition and we will gladly give you a tour!

– Jeff and Tammy Stith
Big Creek BBQ
Pleasant Hill, Missouri

Paddlin Pigs has been cooking over a year on a medium Spicewine. I’ll never go back to an offset smoker. I’ve had more 1st place and overall calls since switching to a Spicewine. And the small learning curve and ease of use makes for stress free cooks. Jay and staff are top notch!

– Ty Hillin
Keller, TX

Spicewine’s are awesome cookers! We have had one for several years and love it. Biguns BBQ says Thank You to Jay and his team for developing an amazing product. It doesn’t  matter what the weather is, it holds temperature and gets the job done. Quality product Jay, good luck going forward, can’t wait to see what you come up with next. It will be almost impossible to top what you are already doing.

– Mark & Debbie Richardson
Columbia, MO

Just finished my first season of cooking on a Medium Spicewine and I can tell you it is a COOKING MACHINE !!  Very efficient use of charcoal and easy to use, clean and maintain. The learning curve was very short and it does produce winners on the BBQ circuit ( Check out the Wall Of Fame pictures ).  Jay and his staff are outstanding.  I love talking with them.

Henry Scott

Papa’s Sweet & Spicy BBQ Team

I did my first cook on my new toy today. It took a bit to get it up to temperature ( I think I put too much water in the water pan ), but once it did, Life Was Good!! I turned out the best chicken and ribs I have ever cooked!! Thanks for building a great smoker.  It makes me a better cook than I really am.

Darryl Smith

Hey Jay, just wanted to let you know Steer Crazy BBQ won our first Grand Championship this past weekend in Tonganoxie Kansas in just our 7th competition.  So many people come by and comment on how awesome my Single Axel Spicewine is. I tell them it’s awesome to cook on and give kudos to Spicewine Ironworks for making such a great smoker.

Dan Isbell 

Jay: Just had to share this—- The last big snow fall I was cooking on my Spicewine Large–250 degrees and 6 inches of snow on top of it.  Man oh man I love my pit!! You make one Hell of a pit!!!

York Rehklau